1. Report a Bug

We all make mistakes... if you find one we would appreciate you bringing it to our attention. Send us a message and thanks!


Check Frequently Asked Questions Below

2. Ideas and Suggestions

Have an idea for a data solution--- drop us a message. If we use your idea, you could receive a complimentry solution.

To use this help file, click on the plus sign to open or maximize and the minus sign to close or minimize.

Simply choose which data solution you are interested in. Click on the BUY button. You will then be transferred to PAYPAL to finish the transaction. Upon completion, you will then be trasferred to the download page.

We accept most major credit cards through PayPal. PayPal is a safe, fast way to pay for your purchases. We do not ask for any credit information nor store any of your financial information on our website.

In the download package you will find a READ ME file. This contains the step by step instructions on how to install a solution. There is also a step by step guide online. Click here to view- INSTALL GUIDE

In the download package you will find a READ ME file. This contains the serial number for your purchased solution. Any problems, feel free to contact us.

Upgrades to new versions is good for one year from date of purchase. Please read the doc. readme file carefully when upgrading.

If you have purchased a solution within the year of free upgrades, contact us with your name and date of purchase. We will then send you the download link for the upgrade.

To be noticed by email of any updates, email our support division-- support at and request to be added to the notication newsletter.

Email us with any problem you are having related to the solution. We will attempt to assist you via email. Please understand, we will support issues related to the solution, but any customizing issues are not included in our free support. Also please review the online manual for the solution you have purchased before contacting us. Most answers can be found in the manual.

Email us with what function you are looking to add. Our development department will review the idea and get back to you and let you know first, if it is possible and second the additional cost of having that function added.

You can register by choosing the register option on your solution or HERE

We do not offer any trial periods with our solutions.

There are many screenshots available for each solution located in the manual section. The manuals are broken into 4 sections. A VIEW MODE, DATA (entry) MODE, REPORT MODE and INSTALL MODE. Closeups of each section and/or function are posted along with descriptions. The View Mode explains the view only functions including all bells and whistles. The Data Mode explains how to enter, edit and delete your data. The Report Mode views the reports available and how to view and print.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask.

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