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Organize recipes, tips, herbs, substitutions and documents

Item Details

  • Current version: 1.0
  • Release Date: June 23, 2014
  • Dveloper: DarkStone Data
  • Format: Standalone and Filemaker 12

Does you computer have folders and folders filled with recipes, ideas, and photos? Spend too much time trying to find that one recipe that you know you have.... somewhere? Finally you go back online and find a recipe that is similar to the one you were looking for?

Organizing your downloaded recipes, guides, and family recipes just got easier. Catalog your favorite recipe book, reference that great web site, and more.

All the recipe programs I found, were TOO complicated. I just wanted a basic quick cut and paste styled recipe manager. I never used all those fancy bells and whistles that just got in my way. I just wanted to copy, paste, and COOK!

FREE TO TRY. Use the software for 30 days and then activate without losing your information. Click the BUY NOW button to download your free trial.

If you would rather cook than search ...

Check out Built4 Recipes.


*intro price, subject to change
price after intro $20.99


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More closeup screenshots are available in the online manuals. Manual links are listed below.

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Item Features

Fast Learning Curve

With our simple design, icon navigation and action bars, learning this program is a breeze. Online manual is available to guide you through the learning process.

Data Entry Modes

Our two step process has been developed to prevent over writing of your valuable information.

Everyone makes mistakes, this easy to use system may prevent a few!

Sortable Categories

Thirteen preset categories to help you setup. Using our 'Quick Find' and the recipe's report, getting organized is just a mouse click away.

Bonus Databases

Location IS everything. Find your recipes faster with your favorite Website's, Supplier's, and Magazine's information cataloged in their own database.

No Leasing Fees.

No hidden monthly fees. Download and start using today. Purchase Built4 Recipes and install on unlimited number of computers within your home. See FAQ for license agreement.


→ Cut and paste style
→ Type in style
→ Quick Find
→ Record indicator
→ Include any photo if you want
→ Five handy reports to view or print

Optional Fields

→ Mark recipe tested
→ Rate recipes
→ Rate difficulty of recipe
→ Include source (author)
→ Indicate cuisine
→ Highlight cooking time
→ Highlight pre-heat temp
→ Add a sticky note
→ Indicate the cost factor
→ Print shopping list
→ Quick reference document location

Quick Reference Charts

If math on the fly is not your strong point, Quick Convert unit may help working with your recipes. Reference charts for standard measurements, metric conversion, can measurements, and pound conversions.

Online Manual

Built4 Recipe manual provides many closeup screenshots and easy to follow descriptions:

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