Its Not About Us

Its About You

If one or more of the lines below describe you and what you are looking for,
there’s a good chance our solutions will be a perfect fit.

  • Tired of software so difficult to figure out, you never bother.
  • You are thinking of a dollar bin sale to get rid of that stack of hardly used programs.
  • You have several computers in your home and only use one at a time... so why do you need several licenses???
  • You really don't care HOW a program works, just as long as it DOES work.
  • You really would like something to work... just once... like it was advertised.

We know the feeling. To be quite honest, we have a closet filled with software that never found a place on our computer.

But ... you want to know ABOUT US

It all started some twenty years ago when Joe, our founder, began his interest in manipulating data. Starting with Lotus (remember that?) he began tweaking his database creations. DarkStone Data emerged during this era as Joe searched for a better way to control massive data.

our boss

As technology changed, the need for a database engine that could handle the data stream of today's world was required. Filemaker Pro emerged as the strong engine capable of handling the different challenges and platforms. Currently Filemake Pro 12 is used in the development of our solutions.

our boss

Today, DarkStone Data offers over twenty years of database knowledge and thirty years of management and business experience. Noticing a demand for simplified yet effective software, we now are offering 'out of the box' solutions for small business and home users.

Which brings us back to you

Customer satisfaction isn't a matter of life or death, it's far more important than that. This may sound like a old and overused cliche to you, but to us it's true. Face it, if it wasn't for you, who would be reading this page--- right now?

We believe you will notice the difference in the quality of our solutions, from the small details to the overall performance.

To hear our customers comment that    'it simply works',    this is our number one mission.

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