"The day is quickly coming when every knee will bow down to a silicon fist, and you will all beg your binary gods for mercy."

quote --Bill Gates



Maybe a bit dramatic, but it does make you stop and question . . . just how much control you have over your data?

Shouldn't you be in charge of your own information? We think so!

After all, isn't that why we use computers?

You collect all kinds of 'data' on a daily basis. It can be overwhelming at times. And to be successful, you need to able to transform that data into useful information so you can act upon it. Our solutions will provide you with a wide assortment of reports and lists to help you make those decision. And we feel our solutions offer more features and functionality for the price than most databases on the market.

Even if you never used a database before, you will find our solutions simple to use. Life is complicated enough, don't you think?

Hobbies are meant for relaxing and enjoyment. And many people enjoy more than one hobby which can lead to chaos. Patterns, magazine articles, diagrams, instructions, pictures. If you find you spend more time looking for your pattern rather than working on your pattern, then BUILT4 Crafts is made for you.

And at only $10.99*, this software wouldn't break the bank and it leaves more money for your hobby.

*introductory price, subject to change
Built4 Crafts


Woodworking is all about patterns and diagrams. Being such a popular hobby we designed this software just for woodworkers. Save your patterns, magazine locations, and pictures in one handy location. Spend more time in the workroom doing what you love most.

And at only $10.99*, just might fit the bill.

*introductory price, subject to change

Cooking is a favorite hobby for many people. But not everyone wants to spend hours learning and entering recipes. If you are looking for a simple recipe manager, check out these features. Cut and paste OR type in, your choice. Plenty of bells and whistles so you can use as much or as few features as you want.

Less time typing, more time cookings and at only $5.99*, it's a sale!

*introductory price, subject to change
Built4 Recipes

Built4 Pets

Whether you have one pet or a houseful, keeping track of their health care and grooming can become a chore. Rabies 3 year shot, yearly vaccinations, flea medication ... the list goes on. Contact information including hours of operation is now at your fingertips.

Originally designed for our own pet care, now offering this helpful pet software for only $14.99*.

*introductory price, subject to change
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