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Built4 Woodworking Manual


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Built4 Woodworking Edit Mode

To use this help file, click on the plus sign to open or maximize and the minus sign to close or minimize.

The DATA MODE has two functions: to add a new record (project) and to edit a record (project). This is the section all the data entry, editing, and deleting is done.

The two action icons on the TOOLBAR provide two important functions:toolbar

  1. To enter your work and save the information or to delete the entire record. Simply, enter in any information that you want associated with your project and click on the ENTER icon. It is just that easy!
  2. Record indicator will display the record count and provide a navigation option using the arrows.
  3. Notice the MODE INDICATOR is displaying EDIT MODE.

To enter a new project, begin by entering the name of the project.project This is a required field.

To edit: While in the DATA MODE, simply click on the name, then make your changes. TIP: If you want to group your projects, it is easy enough to group the same type projects together using the name field. To group flowers in the ARTS category, name your flower with the group name first followed by the name. Example: Flower Tulip, Flower Rose.

You may want to highlight your record. Check the FAVORITE square and the name of the project will turn red.

To edit ‘un-check’ the square, just click on it and the project’s name returns to black.

To rate the project using a star method, use the drop down selector.

To edit remove the rating, while in the DATA MODE, select the drop down indicator and choose the star rating you prefer. If none is desired, choose the ‘~’ selection.

insert photo

Adding a picture is very simple. Click on the small camera icon [1], the browser will let you choose any picture on your computer. A suggestion is to make a folder to keep all the photos together. You may want to keep this with the program files or in a location familiar with you.

infoAdd as much information as you want to each project. The project cost is a 5-$ selector. Simply choose your value of the cost of supplies.

To edit remove the cost, choose the ‘~’ option.

The difficulty of the project is also rated as a 5 star method.

To edit remove the rating, choose the ‘~” option.

To edit any of these fields, simply click and highlight the field and make any changes required.

Notes can be used for many different options. Tips, alternative uses, gift ideas. Simply type in your note. NOTE: the PASTE icon that is showing in this view is for INSTRUCTIONS not NOTES. Notes need to be typed in or copied (Ctrl-C) and pasted (Ctrl-V) on Windows keyboard.


The main project section has 3 sections: supplies, instructions, and notes. Designed to allow for easy copy and paste from projects found on the internet or email, it is also possible to type in the project. Copy (Ctrl-C) the supplies and then press the PASTE ICON located in the upper right corner of the SUPPLIES section.

This will remove any formatting from the original supply and your supplies will all have a uniformed look.


The supplies icon will paste into the supplies section. Copy (Ctrl-C) the instructions and then press the PASTE ICON located in the upper right corner of the INSTRUCTIONS section.

This will remove any formatting from the original project and your projects will all have a uniformed look.

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