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Built4 Recipes Manual


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Built4 Recipes Report Mode

To use this help file, click on the plus sign to open or maximize and the minus sign to close or minimize.

print reportProject Report displays all the recipes that have been entered and offers navigation to any project listed. The different sorting of information is explained in the next section.

  1. RETURN ARROW. Return to the previous view.
  2. REPORTS. Navigation to any of the reports available.
  3. PRINT. Print report in print friendly format.
  4. Line arrow allows navigation to active project of choice.

When you first view the report, only the active project will be shown. To view all reports, press on the black double arrow in front of the categories. A drop down selection will be displayed. Select SHOW ALL. Now all the recipes are shown. [4] You can now sort through your recipes but pressing the double black arrow icons in front of the category of your choice. Your sorting options include: INACTIVE. SORT ASCENDING. SORT DESCENDING. UNSORT. FILTER BY ROW. OMIT MATCHING. SHOW ALL.

A very simple shopping list that is printable and very handy. Print or Close functions are the two actions offered.

Once you close, you will return to main part of the program. shop Print the report in a printer-friendly format.

bonusEach of the three bonus database offers a viewable and printable report. The upper toolbar includes:

  1. PRINT. Print database in print friendly format.
  2. REPORTS. Drop down selection provides navigation to the report section.
  3. RETURN ARROW. Return to the previous view.


The reports are available in a print friendly format. Shown here is an example of the printout. To print, simply review and then click print. Your printer browser will display.

The recipes are available in a print friendly format, great for including with gifts or sharing with friends. Shown here is an example of the printout. They are available as a plain printout or in several designs such as holiday, floral, stitches, berries and swirl. Your printer browser will display. Just choose your design, preview and print.

floral printout

[1] A drop down selector of the styles available. [2] Close and Print buttons. These button will not show on the printout.

Your printer will offer several selections to print. To choose all the records, select 'records being browsed'. To choose a single record, (when printing recipe card) select 'current record'. There may be some slight difference to this occurring to your specific printer.print

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