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Built4 Pet Provider Manual


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Built4 Pets Provider View Mode

To use this help file, click on the plus sign to open or maximize and the minus sign to close or minimize.

The view mode displays all the information you have entered about each provider or clinic in a protected view. This prevents accidental deletion or changes in the information you have entered. To view any clinic or provider, simply click on the quick find list located on the left hand side.

The main section contains the provider information and acts as a contact information tool. Built4 Pets is designed to accept as much information as you want to enter. The only required field in this section would be the name of the clinic. Of course if you are planning on using the provider section, it is only logical that you enter the contact information as well as the name. You can freely use the program to save the amount of information in the style you want.


The toolbar is the main navigation and action center for the provider section. The first three icons on the left side are action icons. toolbar

  1. You can add a clinic or provider by clicking on the first icon. This icon will navigate to DATA MODE. You can delete in VIEW MODE by pressing the second icon. Caution: this will delete the clinic completely with no recovery. A popup message does alert you to this action. The third icon will take you to DATA MODE where you can safely make changes to the clinic or provider information.
  2. The next two icons are navigation icons. Built4 Pets has three main sections: PETS, PROVIDERS, and CARE REOCRDS. To the left of the navigation icons you will see the section you are currently in: PROVIDER. To the right of the navigation icons you will see what mode you are currently in: VIEW.
  3. The last part of the toolbar provides access to REPORTS and a HELP key. To exit the program, simply click on the EXIT icon. You can also close the window and exit as you would in many window programs.

Displays records available and is sortable by category only. In this case, the QUICK FIND is displaying your pet's care providers.qf

  1. Navigate through the records using these record navigation buttons. You can easily go to the first clinic, previous clinic, next clinic or last clinic. Click the middle icon and ALL care providers(s) will be available to view.
  2. Provider count is displayed by showing the number of clinics.
  3. By typing a few letters into the white box of the QUICK FIND system will cause a sorting action to begin, assisting your search for a specific record. For example: if you type in the letters BR in the white box- all the pet(s) starting with BR - example BROOKFIELD would be displayed.
  4. Click on the double arrow icon and it will clear the search and all the records will be available once again.
  5. Click on the care provider's name listed and the information you have entered will now be displayed and considered the active record.

The VIEW CARE PROVIDER page offers all the information about the vets, groomers, breeders, sitters, etc for fast viewing. Emergencies happen and information may be needed right away. The top section is for contact information you may need.

contact information
  1. The name of the care provider is the first line. Directly below that is a drop down selector for type of provider. Clinic and Emergency have been provided. This is editable by you.
  2. Address information and contact numbers. Very handy!
  3. Click on the map icon after the address information, and you will be directed to a map online. You must have an online connection for this to work.
  4. Click on the email icon after the email address and your mail program will open. You must have an online connection for this to email.
  5. Click on the globe icon after the website address and you will be directed to their online website. You must have an online connection for this to work.
  6. The operating hours for the care provider will display if you have entered that information.

Want to remember the names of the staff at your favorite clinic?

pet photo Contact information is now readily available. Click on the email icon to open your email program.

Need to keep a note about your pet provider? When are they returning from holiday? Perhaps you want to remember a special event they are having? To view the details of any note, simply click on the small blue dot. If you have several notes, you will be able to quickly review each note by clicking the the blue dot in front of the note.


To edit that note, while it is active (showing in the viewing area), click on the edit pencil. A blue popup appears showing all the information for that note. [1] You can arrow through the notes using the arrows. [2] The current provider is shown to remind you which provider you are working in. [3] Make any changes to your note. When you are finished, click on the CLOSE icon to save your work.

To add a note just click on the edit pencil icon. If no new note shows, then simply click on the ADD [4] icon to start a fresh new note.

Type up your note, click on the CLOSE icon when you finished. Your note is now saved.

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