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Built4 Pets Report Mode

To use this help file, click on the plus sign to open or maximize and the minus sign to close or minimize.

pet report

The reports are all designed in the same fashion for a crisp uniform look. There are six report included with Built4 Pets.

They include: Care Providers, Care Records, Pets, Vaccinations, Medications, Diets.

For this demo we will first look at Care Records.

The toolbar by now has a familiar feel to it, as it is maintained throughout the software.

  1. The Reports icon will provide navigation to the other reports.
  2. The large arrow icon will return you to the previous page.
  3. This same report can be viewed in another sort by choosing to view the Care Records by PROVIDER. See the next section for more on this.
  4. To view ALL care reports and not have them sorted in any fashion.
  5. A print friendly view is available to print.
  6. A running total is available IF you have entered that bit of information on each care record. The report will subtotal per visit, per pet and then total for all care visits.

sorted by provider

This is the same report as shown in the first example, just sorted in a different manner.

  1. By adding any name from the list of providers that you have entered in the PROVIDERS section, you can now sort to see how many pets have been seen through that provider or how much money has been spent.
  2. Enter the name in the white area as shown above and then click on the search icon.
  3. Example of one pet's record seen by that provider.
  4. Example of another pet's record seen by that provider.
  5. Example of the first pet's total spent
  6. Example of the seconds pet's total spent
  7. The grand total of money spent at this provider is now provided.
  8. To see an individual record, click on the small arrow.


Another example of the reports available. As you can see with this example, all the pets are listed and sorted by Pet Type.

printed view

This is the same report as shown previously in the actual print-friendly view. The highlighted icons will not show on the print copy. When you are satisfied with the report, simply click on the PRINT icon and your printer's browser will guide you through the process.

Your printer will offer several selections to print. To choose all the records, select 'records being browsed'. To choose a single record, select 'current record'. There may be some slight difference to this occurring to your specific printer.print

Care Records Manuals

Online manual focusing on the records section of Built4 Pets.


Provider Manuals

Online manual focusing on the provider section of Built4 Pets.


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